This blog is a celebration of life and the culmination of our fun together as we cook, travel, experiment and explore.

A table full of warm and delicious food envelops your senses in a warm hug and then takes you on a roller coaster ride.

I’ve developed this crazy passion for experimenting and playing around with food. It has always been an important part of my home. We’re always pondering over new techniques and trying to do something new. Although I’m a doctor doing my Masters in Preventive Cardiology, food is my happy place and a way to express my creativity.

I’ve always been passionate about exercise and fitness and while studying Preventive health, I’ve started beginning to understand the importance of what we eat. I’ve also been recently accepted into the Integrative Health Coaching program at Duke University.

Our health is literally a reflection of our lifestyle. What we eat is so important to our body and shows in our fitness and health. So many diseases are preventable and reversible if we adopt the right lifestyle. This blog documents my journey as I learn, explore and create!

– Dr. Prarthana

There’s something about sourdough bread that drew me to it. The quiet time with the dough, the stretch and folds its all just magical and calming. Each bake has its own thrill and excitement!

I’m a surgeon and a life coach, but food has been a passion all my life. My Mother was a vibrant and accomplished baker who fed us all the most delicious food, well before it’s time. This is how the love for food creeped into me. An eternal student that I am, I’m always pottering around and experimenting the kitchen. Playing and learning along the way. Here’s to a lifetime of creating wonders!

– Dr. Chandini